Fee Schedule

(Prices effective as of May 2015)

Registered Massage Therapy

Prenatal, Infant & Children, Deep Tissue, Relaxation, Injury, Maintenance Treatments, Aromatherapy, girls nights etc.

30 Minutes – $50

45 Minutes – $65

60 Minutes – $85

90 Minutes – $115

Family discount (must include a minimum of 2.5hours of massage treatments in one visit). Prices vary depending of number of hours and location of home.

Indian Head Massage

Traditional Indian Treatment of Head, Scalp and Face

45 Minutes – $65


Instructional Sessions


Infant/Child Massage

I will instruct you how to use massage therapy with your infant or child

30 -45 Minutes – $40


Couples Massage

I will teach you some basic techniques for a couple to use regularly to reduce stress and tension. Focus to neck and shoulders, hand, feet and any other chronic area of tension

60 Minutes – $60


Labour and Delivery Preparation

I will teach you some basic massage techniques to use to ease your partners labour pains

45 Minutes – $50


  • Please ensure there is ample space available in your home to accommodate the set up of a massage table. A livingroom, playroom etc. Approximately a space 3’x7′ (massage table) with walking space on every side.
  • All Prices include mobile fee and HST
  • A minimum of a 45 minute appointment is required
  • Official receipts will be issued at each visit
  • 24 hour cancellation is required or fee will be charged in full
  • If you live in the city of Stratford a discount of $5 per treatment will be applied
  • Service areas include: Stratford, Shakespeare, Tavistock and area, St.Mary’s, Sebringville and area, Mitchell, Gads Hill and Rostock. Or call to inquire if your area is part of the area serviced.